Ants nest

We were at the beautiful Balboa Academy the other day – an American International School on the outskirts of Panama City – when we saw this large ants nest in the tree above us crawling with the creatures. I think they were leaf cutter ants as we have seen them a few times since our move here and I seem to recall them climbing up trees to their nests with a David Attenborough voice-over!

I took this picture on a separate occasion in just a normal residential street in Ancon, another area of Panama City. It shows a leaf cutter ant carrying a leaf – if you look closely you can see the ant, but the leaf is quite blurred unfortunately. It can be frustrating seeing these amazing sights but not being able to capture them adequately – I may have to upgrade my camera!

3 thoughts on “Ants nest

  1. Hi,
    You have a very entertaining and interesting blog, keep it up. In reference to the ants’ nest I think they might be ants’ descendants, wasps. They do belong to the same order: Hymenoptera, but belong to different families.

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