Creepy Caterpillars

Back when we moved into our new house in July, my daughter found one extremely large black caterpillar with pink spots dotted down its side. It also had a tail, making it rather dog-like, oddly enough.

Anyway, we were too kind to this caterpillar – one month later there were several living in our carport in various stages on their journey to butterflyhood. There were caterpillars in our plants and cocoons behind our walls.

As we are (naive) nature lovers, we let them stay – we wanted to have a lot of beautiful butterflies around.

After a couple more months there were caterpillars everywhere we looked – this was becoming creepy. By this time our bushes had been reduced to a collection of sticks with caterpillars crawling on them. The caterpillars were crawling up our door, our walls, everywhere we looked, there they were!

So, rather belatedly, we took some decisive action. My daughter collected them all in a bucket which we took to the playpark round the corner. It feels good to finally be caterpillar free after our little plague – and our plants have green leaves at the end of the bare sticks now, so it seems we got rid of the critters just in the nick of time.

Here they are in the bucket, just before they were taken to their new home. There is a video below for the very brave….

Too Many Caterpillars!

2 thoughts on “Creepy Caterpillars

  1. Great blog. I can relate to some of the cultural phenomena that you encountered in Panama. Many of the same customs are found here in the Philippines which as you likely know is also a former Spanish colony. And many of the geographic features of the two countries are similar.

    Good luck in adapting. Just persevere and you’ll make it.

    1. Thanks for this interesting comment Rick. My dad spent a month or two working in the Philippines so I know a little about it – sounds like a fascinating country.

      Thanks, we are adapting pretty well so far! x

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