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Panama Flags for Independence Celebrations

Many thanks to the good people of Expat Blog for voting Panamajama blog of the month for November!
It was announced during “el mes de la patria” – Panama’s month of Independence Celebrations, just to make it even sweeter for me….

The above flags are flying at the entrance to the Ciudad del Saber – City of Knowledge – near to where we live.

November in Panama is a time of ceaseless Independence Celebrations and parades with many national holidays.

November 3rd 2010 marked the 107th anniversary of Panama’s Independence from Colombia. The national flag was designed in 1903 to commemorate this special event in the history of Panama.

November 4th was “Día de la Bandera” – Flag Day – and another national holiday with a grand parade to celebrate the flag of this small but hugely important country.

November 5th was Colón Day, a day of patriotic celebrations, and the Panamanian equivalent of the US Columbus Day.

November 10th sees “el grito”, a national holiday marking the first shout calling for an uprising against Spain.

November 28th marks Panama’s achieving Independence from Spain in 1821. (Note that a few weeks after becoming independent from Spain, Panama became part of Colombia, so it feels to me like a never-ending loop!).

¡Feliz cumpleaños a Panamá! – Happy Birthday to Panama!

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  2. Hi Jane, great blog! We are currently living in Belize, going to move to Panama City in a few months. It would be nice to have a contact there – of course we have a few questions as well.

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