Rainy Day in Gamboa

Although December and January theoretically mark the start of the ‘dry season’ in Panama, this year they have been unusually rainy. In December torrential rainstorms caused flooding which closed the Panama Canal for only the third time in its near-100 year history.

As today was another day of torrential rains, we decided to go to Gamboa rainforest resort to have lunch under shelter overlooking the lake.

Almost immediately I spotted this heron. I watched it catch a fish, but my photography skills weren’t up to capturing an action shot!

Heron at Gamboa Rainforest Park

Then I saw these five turtles posing on a branch. They love the rain, even if we humans don’t so much!

Five turtles enjoying the tropical rainstorm, Gamboa Rainforest Park

Hopefully you can tell that I have finally upgraded my camera, which means I will be posting more frequently again, as I can finally do the amazing sights of Panama some justice.

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