My Garden is Your Garden

While holidaying recently in Boquete in the lush West Highlands of Panama we visited Mi Jardin es Tu Jardin, a surreally beautiful landscape of flowers, animal statues, ponds and even a small chapel. It reminded me of Portmeirion in the UK, the place where the (original) Prisoner was filmed.

As we wandered around looking at the hummingbirds, exotic plants, painted birdhouses, I felt we were walking around in someone’s subconscious, in the fully realised product of their imagination.

This tiny chapel was right in the middle of the gardens, in front of a large pond filled with Koi Carp. A most unexpected discovery, but somehow fitting.

You see Hibiscus flowers just everywhere in Panama, but that does not lessen their beauty. This spectacular specimen was overhanging the Koi Carp pond.

There were more than a few painted flamingos at various locations in the gardens – well, I mean, why on earth not?

Followed by painted jumping dolphins!

Altogether, a magical place. We saw so many amazing things here that I may have to do another post at some point to do it justice. But for now, I leave you with a lovely red cow.

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