When the boat comes in


We were so lucky to be at the beach on the Pacific side of this beautiful country when the fishermen unloaded their, thankfully for us, small catch. A lot of effort was expended by ten or so men hauling a largeish net onto land. I was worried that it might be a gruesome experience for us nature lovers, as I was expecting a lot of exotic species such as squid, sharks, snappers etc. The catch that morning was only a few sprats however. But that didn’t stop the huge flock of enormous (I would guess 6 foot wing span) frigate birds getting tremendously excited!

4 thoughts on “When the boat comes in

  1. What a beautiful photograph. You should enter it in a competition!
    Did you ever watch the Alfred Hitchcok classic film “The Birds” Hope you have a good zoom lense on your camera…the birds look really quite scary

    1. Thanks Pip! :)

      I do have a zoom, but actually I was right in the middle of the action with all these pterodactyl -like frigate birds swooping over my head. It didn’t feel scary though. The Birds is one of my favourite films. :D

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