Panama Air Show 2012

This morning we made a last minute decision to go to the Panama Air Show at Howard Air Base, an ex-US Air Force Base on the other side of the Bridge of the Americas from Panama City. As we were meant to be Skyping grandparents at this time, we took the iPad and Skyped from the car on the way to the show, meaning they got to travel across the Bridge of the Americas, all the way from Glasgow.

The show was free – free entrance, plus free goes on Bouncy Castles for the children! Here is a DHL cargo plane, which was a nice sight to see, but I couldn’t really understand why there was such a humongous queue to get to see inside. We passed, as we have three youngsters who get restless in queues, not to mention me!


There were some very pretty biplanes doing death-defying stunts, such as loop-the-loops and flying across each other while diving and twirling down to the ground. I took some pictures of tiny specks high in the air….


And here are some of the biplanes on the ground. Very pretty…




I liked seeing this family sheltering from the baking sun under the tail of a little plane. This is one of the many things I like about Panama – in the UK at a similar kind of event, the public would not be allowed to get so close to the planes, let alone sit under a tail like this!


I believe this airport featured in the questionable Bond film, Quantum of Solace, where it stood in for Bolivia so it may look familiar to you.


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