Quite a Conflagration

An area just beyond the City Of Knowledge, North of Panama City is aflame as I write. The area behind our house, across a narrow river, is ablaze.

The noise of the fire has been a crackling phenomenon. Large chunks of ash are landing all around as we walk round our village.

Hoses are sending out 100ft jets of water. Helicopters circle overhead.

And, by the time this video taken from our bedroom has finally uploaded to Vimeo, all is dying down, thankfully. We can still smell smoke everywhere, can still hear crackling flames, and there is ash all over our back patio. But it seems as if we have been spared….

2 thoughts on “Quite a Conflagration

  1. I saw all of that smoke, and wondered if it was a grass fire, or from the construction site at the locks. It’s been so dry, that I suppose it’s not too surprising. Glad you are all safe.

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