Dumb Vultures

On one of our many many visits to Summit Zoo we watched this vulture as it sized itself up in the mirror, before repeatedly attacking its own reflection.

Vulture squaring up for a fight, Summit Zoo, Panama

These are American Black Vultures, very common here in Panama. As commonly seen here as pigeons are seen in the UK. Much as I am a nature nut, and love all God’s creatures, this is where I come close to drawing the line. They really are repulsively creepy looking, with their crinkly wrinkly heads.

Now, it might not be such a bad thing to be no great beauty, as long as you were blessed with brains by way of compensation. No such luck for these critters, unfortunately.

Vulture attacking its own reflection, Summit Zoo, Panama

And again! You know, I could just do this all day!

Vulture attacking its reflection, Summit Zoo, Panama