Prying Panamanian Primates

Imagine waking up to this guy looking through your window!

Howler monkey looking through window, Playa Bonita, Panama

He seemed to be the leader of the lack of Howler Monkeys we spotted at Playa Bonita in the Azuelo Peninsula of Panama. He was soon joined by a younger member of the troop, and they took it in turns to peek through the window. They were absolutely fascinated by what was within.

Old Howler Monkey and Friend, Playa Bonita, Panama

They then started playing chases around the dormer window. I watched these fearless animals do this for at least twenty minutes. They reminded me so much of King Louie and his troop in the abandoned temple in the Jungle Book. Although these guys were much better behaved!

Howler Monkeys playing chases, Playa Bonita, Panama

Look how high up they were! And, we never did find out just what was so fascinating on the other side of the window!

Howler Monkey at Top Floor Dormer Window, Playa Bonita, Panama